About us

Polymer was founded by two engineers’ love of dessert. When they took time off to learn how the best dessert was made at scale, they saw firsthand that factory floors were beautiful, messy, and filled with opportunities to make work easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

After countless hours in factories working directly with factory teams, we built the first version of Polymer. Today, we’re building a product to detangle all factory floor operations, so small manufacturers all over the world can build better, faster, and smarter.


Join us

Our small team is growing. If our work sounds interesting to you, reach out to us via email or apply online.




About you

You want to make the infrastructure of the world better, and you're passionate about solving hard problems in underserved markets.

Your skills

You're relentlessly resourceful, tackling whatever challenges come your way. You don't need to know a specific language or skill - we know you'll pick it up with your drive.

Your values

You thrive on understanding users, their pains, and their joys, so you seek feedback early and often. You take the initiative to build the product you want to see in the world.

The Polymer Team

Ishita Prasad

Co-founder & CEO

Maya Balakrishnan

Co-founder & COO

Tara Balakrishnan


Steven Guichard

Lead Software Engineer

Addison Leong

Software Engineer

David Mora

Software Engineer